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The term "otalgia" is used in the medical field to refer to general ear pain.

The severity of the disorder and the intensity of the pain clearly depend on the cause that triggered the otalgia.

Ear pain may be perceived as continuous, intermittent, pulsating, rhythmic, dull, or unbearable. Contrary to popular belief, otalgia does not depend solely on ear diseases: in fact, earache is often a secondary consequence of other conditions, such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, colds, flu, toothache, migraine, and throat cancer. More often, moreover, otalgia does not remain confined to the ears: more often than not, the pain also radiates to the back of the head and neck, constituting a real discomfort.

In general, two forms of ear pain can be distinguished:

Primary otalgia: ear pain originates within the organ

Secondary otalgia: earache originates "outside" and does not depend on an ear pathology

Given, therefore, that earache is a common symptom of numerous pathologies, it is essential to identify the triggering factor before proceeding with any medication. Only then can specific therapy be followed (antibiotics or antifungals if there is a bacterial or fungal infection).

Normally, however, local drops with local anti-inflammatories or anesthetics are used, and in some cases also antibiotics or antifungals, or general anti-inflammatories directly.

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