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At, an Italian online pharmacy authorized by the Ministry of Health, you can buy OTC and SOP medicines, medical devices, supplements, cosmetics of the best brands and veterinary medicines. Over 40000 products for your health, wellness and beauty can be purchased from the comfort of your home. Click on the logo and discover our certification! - Your Online Pharmacy! 

We welcome you to the section dedicated to the online sale of over-the-counter SOP and OTC drugs, or non-prescription drugs suitable for self-medication.

Over-the-counter or self-medication drugs are divided into OTC (Over The Counter) and SOP (No Prescription Required). 

These drugs are sold in pharmacies without the obligation to present a medical prescription because they are medicines capable of affecting the symptoms of the most common diseases, and for which there is no need for the doctor's advice. 

Until recently, the sale of these products was only possible inside the pharmacy, since 1 July 2015, however, the online sale of this category of drugs has been allowed by the provision 2011/62 / EU and is was authorized by the Ministry of Health which also issued the certification logo.

Choose the drug you need among the many that we offer at very advantageous prices and if you need expert advice, our pharmacists are always at your disposal. Even for the purchase of drugs, shipping in UE starting from just 35.00 euros.

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Bisolvon Tosse Sedativo Sciroppo 2Mg/Ml 200Ml 038593012
Save 10%
Availability: 60 item(s)
11.90 10.71
Bisolvon Tosse Sedativo Sciroppo 2mg/ml 200ml è un medicinale sedativo della tosse a base di destrometorfano bromidrato
This product will be shipped on 31/12/2077
Aspirina Rapida 500 mg 10 Compresse Masticabili, è un analgesico ed antipiretico a base di acido acetilsalicilico
Froben Raffreddore 0.05% Spray Nasale Flacone Da 15 Ml 037899010
Save 10%
Availability: 223 item(s)
9.90 8.91
Froben Raffreddore 0.05% Spray Nasale Flacone Da 15 ml, soluzione ossimetazolina cloridrato
Fluimucil Influenza E Raffreddore 500Mg/60Mg Granulato 8 Bustine [Clone] 034936157
Save 10%
Fluimucil Influenza E Raffreddore 500mg/60mg Granulato 8 Bustine, è un medicinale a base di Paracetamolo e Pseudoefedrina Cloridrato, indicato per il trattamento sintomatico di influenza e raffreddore
Argento Proteinato Afom Adulti 1% Gocce Nasali e Auricolari, decongestionante e antisettico della mucosa nasale e antisettico del condotto auricolare.
Dacriogel 0,3% Gel Oftalmico Tubo 10 G 032148037
Save 10%
Availability: 10 item(s)
19.36 17.42
Dacriogel 0,3% Gel Oftalmico Tubo 10 g,trattamento di tutte le condizioni caratterizzate da una insufficiente o difettosa idratazione della superficie oculare, dall'occhio rosso all'occhio secco
Out of stock
Dolofast Gel 10% Tubo da 50 g, trattamento locale di contusioni, distorsioni, mialgie, strappi muscolari, torcicollo
Benadon  300Mg 10 Compresse Gastroresistenti Vitamina B6 001340025
Save 20%
Availability: 10 item(s)
11.48 9.18
Benadon 300mg 10 Compresse Gastroresistenti Vitamina B6 è un farmaco indicato in casi di carenza di Vitamina B6
Imodium 2 mg 8 Capsule Rigide Uso Orale, per il trattamento sintomatico delle diaree acute
Polifarma Benessere Sodio Fosfato Soluzione Rettale per il trattamento della stitichezza.
Availability: 1 item(s)
Imodium 12 compresse orosolubili 2mg è un medicinale a base di loperamide per il trattamento sintomatico della diarrea acuta
Coryfin Mucolitico 250 Mg/5 Ml Sciroppo 200 Ml 025463062
Save 10%
Availability: 10 item(s)
9.50 8.55
Coryfin Mucolitico 250 mg/5 ml Sciroppo 200 ml, è un medicinale mucolitico, fluidificante indicato nelle affezioni acute e croniche dell'apparato respiratorio
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