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Aleppo Colors Shower Shampoo by Mardin hydrated and protects the scalp, prevents dandruff and gives a unique softness to the hair. >
Èssenza Crema Mani Bio Vellutante Mandorle E Fico D'India 75 Ml 8058647843735
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It is a bio velvety hand cream, almond and fig of India 75 ml, for pleasantly perfumed and velvety hands.
Aleppo Colors Olio Di Borragine 50 Ml 8026268002466
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24.50 19.60
aleppo colors borragine oil is an oil indicated in case of dermatitis, even seborrheic and skin irritations
Diponibilità immediata
Weleda Baby Protective Calendula Cream, thanks to its special formulation, offers excellent dermoprothection with each diaper change.
Aleppo Colors Sapone Di Aleppo Con 70 % Di Olio Di Alloro 125 Gr 8053329140935
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12.50 10.00
Aleppo Colors is an excellent natural soap for daily hygiene of the whole body, laurel is considered an excellent antiseptic and anti -umatic.
DetraibileNO AllergeniNickel Tested, Senza zuccheri aggiunti, Senza parabeni, Senza Glutine
Eau de Philae Toning BagnoDoccia with Arnica suitable for all skin types, gives freshness and vitality and leaves the skin soft and velvety.
It is a tonic Bio face tonic tanda and aloe vera is a natural oil free treatment that purifies the skin of the face, rebalancing and eliminates the residues of impurities.
Aleppo Colors Aleppo soap 50% Extra laurel oil 200 g, totally natural soap, consisting exclusively of laurel oil.
Arganiae The liquid gold oil pure argan oil 100 % face anti aging body treatment, formula with high concentration of essential fatty acids, makes the skin hydrated, protected and nourished, also ideal for body and hair.
Disponibile in 12h
Pharmalife Assersina mask Tenseur Vegetal B.O.T. Anti age with a tensor effect and immediate botox like, carries out regenerating and compacting action, giving turgor and elasticity
Disponibile in 12h
Bioloerbe Sweet Almond Oil is a dermatactive oil with a nourishing and elasticizing action, also suitable for mothers and baby.
Aleppo Colors Sapone Liquido Provenzale Alla Lavanda 250 Ml 7640129130023
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11.00 8.80
Aleppo Colors Provencal liquid soap to lavender is a particularly delicate emollient and sanitizing vegetable soap cleans the pores deep and restores the right hydrolipidic balance of the skin, suitable for hands and body.
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