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Pharmalife Aspiersina Bava Pure Intensive serum a fresh and emollient quick absorption, suitable for all skin types.
Pharmalife Aspersina Bava Pure 50 ml face cream, regenerating intensive face cream based on 90%snail slime, suitable for normal, mixed and oily skin
tea tree eiudermica bio ; is a high ointment; soothing power; based on; Essential oil; of; tea tree, useful for those who frequent gyms and swimming pools or to give relief from the ray itching or other sensations of annoyance.
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Weleda Oil with Calendula Product 100% Natural Deterge gently cleanses and removes the Milky Crust
Pharmalife Asiersina serum Lift Express 30 ml, serum with â € â € œStifying effect "anti-aging, acts against the bright wrinkles, regenerating and compacting, gives the skin turgor and elasticity
argã twenty -four anti -aging cream with argan oil and Karit butter cream day anti -wrinkle night
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Karitã © 100 A product created to solve the small problems of the skin of adults and children: it fights skin dryness, prevents the redness of newborns and the callositates of sport, protects from the action of the agents ...
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Bioloerbe 15 % laurel oil 200 gr, totally natural soap, consisting exclusively of laurel olive oil
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Karity oil 99% nourishes and softens the skin of face and body gently. It is ideal for rebalancing the hydro/lipid skin cloak weakened by external agents (cold, wind, pollution) or prolonged ...
Gel Corpo 100 Ml Aloe Vera Victor Philippe 8024848135016
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Gel corpo 100 ml Aloe Vera Victor Philippe . Contiene il 97,5% di purissimo gel di Aloe Vera biologica, dalla specifica azione idratante, lenitiva e rivitalizzante. L’utilizzo del gel idrata, protegge ed ammorbidisce la pelle, rendendola particolarmente vellutata al tatto e conferisce una piacevole sensazione di freschezza. SOSTANZE FUNZIONALI VEGETALI CONTENUTE: 97,5% di gel di aloe vera idratante
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