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Cerave Crema Idratante Per Pelli Secche E Molto Secche 454G 3337875597388
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Availability: 55 item(s)
23.50 21.15
Cerave moisturizing cream for dry and very dry skin, hydrates and helps to restore the barrier of the face and body skin. With 3 essential ceramids and hyaluronic acid.
Somatoline Skin Expert Rassodante Corpo Lifting Anti Età 300 ml 8002410062892
Save 19%
Availability: 3 item(s)
52.00 42.00
Somatoline Skin Expert Corps is an anti -age treatment for the body from the balm cream texture, specific for the mature age.
Zymerex Regola Integratore Per La Costipazione 6 Supposte 8059602150011
Save 10%
Availability: 10 item(s)
7.90 7.11
Zymerex is a medical device; indicated for the problems of; constipation and constipation.
Somatoline Skin Expert Fango Drenante Effetto Fresco 500g
Save 22%
Availability: 6 item(s)
45.00 35.00
Somatoline Cosmetic Drenante Mud Mask,; Drena and activates the microcirculation, performs a smoothing and detoxifying action. with black and dandelion clay;
Vicks Vaporub Unguento Inalante 50G 8001090004185
Save 10%
Availability: 231 item(s)
11.18 10.06
Vicks Vaporub inlank ointment; It is a useful preparation in case of canfora -based cooling syndromes, menthol and essential oils
Dermovitamina Micoblock 3 In 1 Onicomicosi Tratta E Colora Soluzione Ungueale Flacone Da 7 Ml + Smalto 5 Ml 8032738385359
Save 20%
Dermovitamine Micoblock 3 in 1 onychomicosis Treat and colors nail solution of 7 ml bottle + enamel 5 ml, treats, whitening and reinforced, formulated against nail mushrooms, yellowing, flaking and falling.
Dermovitamina Micoblock 3 In 1 Onicodistrofie Camouflage Alterazioni Ungueali 8Ml 8032738385878
Save 20%
Availability: 16 item(s)
17.50 14.00
Dermovitamine Micoblock 3 in 1 is a treatment of nail changes. Reinforces, protects and color the weak and fragile nails tending to flaking.
Availability: 14 item(s)
triptosind; is a food supplement; ; useful as above all in situations of; Overwarming and mental asthenia, in the minor disorders of the mood tone and to control the sense of hunger.
Named Drenam Dietary Supplement 300 Ml Pineapple Flavor 8058269351465
Save 37%
Named Drenam is a food supplement that contribute to the drainage of body liquids, contrasts the imperfections of cellulite and stimulates the metabolism of lipids
Vicks Vaporub Unguento Inalante 100G 8001090001344
Save 10%
Availability: 104 item(s)
15.90 14.31
Vicks Vaporub inlank ointment is a useful preparation in case of canfora -based cooling syndromes, menthol and essential oils.
Anberries Pastiglie Ribes Nero & Glicerina Azione Antisettica E Antinfiammatoria  Senza Glutine 55 G 975041601
Save 10%
Availability: 178 item(s)
5.50 4.95
Anberries pads are ideal for hydrating and sooting the respiratory tract.
AllergeniSenza Glutine
Avene Hyaluron Activ B3 è un Siero concentrato rimpolpante anti-età  che leviga immediatamente la pelle e corregge le rughe. Un siero con effetto tensore immediato già a partire da 15 giorni di utilizzo.
DetraibileNO Regime AlimentareVegano
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