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Puresentiel Acaricida Insecticide Spray For Fabric 150 Ml

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BrandPuressentiel DetraibileSi

What is PureSentiel Acaricida Insecticide spray for fabrics 150 ml

puresentiel acaricida and insecticide is ideal for treating all the tissues infested with powder mites, tairs of the Fabrics, fleas and bedbugs of the bed.

The formulation of the acaricidal and insecticide spray of PureSentiel is 100% natural and is:

- without chemical components;

- with components of plant origin certified ECOCERT;

- with geraniol active on mites, including the mite of the scabies;

- 100% effective against mites and small insects;

- with immediate and lasting action, up to 14 days;

- practical to use, with the multidirectional dispenser that does not drip

- with Delicate and natural perfume of Rosa.

has a 100% proven efficacy and is a medical surgical (deductible) authorized by the Ministry of Health. >

- 100% Acarticide Effectiveness (eggs/ Larvae/ Adults): - Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus- Dermatophagoides Farinae

- Effective up to 14 days on eggs and larvae and up to 7 days on adult mites.

- 100% effectiveness against parasites: < /p>

  • of the clothing: Tineola Bisselliella (Larva) - Durating efficacy up to 7 days.
  • fleas: Ctenocephalides Felis (adults and larvae)
  • bedbugs of the bed: Cimex lectularius (adults, larvae and eggs)

how to use the acaricidal and insecticide spray of PureSentiel

The spray can be used on fabrics or on furniture from Interior for a healthy and protected environment.

is based on 100% plant of vegetable origin derived from the Palmarosa essential oil

eliminates and prevents the reinfestation from mites including Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus, the main acer of the powder responsible for the allergies responsible for the allergies and the Sarcoptes Scabiei, head of scabies. It is also effective on domestic parasites such as the tarmes of the clothing, fleas and bedbugs of the bed. . It does not stain.

precautions of use

can be used on all washable (mattresses, bed linen, plush) and non -washable (furniture, curtains, car seat) in washing machine at temperatures above 60 ° C, presumably infested. Vaporize at 30 cm from the surface to be treated for a few seconds, or 16 sec/m2 (for example about 6 seconds for a pillowcase), leave for 4 hours. For all types of fabrics, by precaution, first perform a test on a non -visible part of the surface to be treated. Repeat the operation once a week for more allergic people. It is also advisable to vaporize on the fabrics and bed linen) of other people who live under the same roof.
Treat only one fabric at a time, not multiply the uses: for example, do not treat clothing + bed linen + Plush at the same time. 1 bottle of 150 ml = 10 m2 surface to be treated (equal to 4 standard mattresses - or 6 single mattresses). Read the instructions before use: highly flammable aerosol. Riporie under pressure: it can explode if heated. Keep away from heat sources. Do not vaporize on a free flame or other source of ignition. Do not pierce or burn, not even after use. Protect from sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures above 50 ° C. In case of consultation of a doctor, keep the container available or the ˜tiche. Do not use in the presence of children. Keep out of reach of children. It can cause an allergic skin reaction. In case of contact with the skin: wash abundantly with soap and water. In case of irritation or eruption of the skin: consult a doctor. Causes serious eye irritation. In case of contact with the eyes: rinse thoroughly for several minutes. Remove any contact lenses if it is easy to do it. Continue to rinse. If the irritation of the eyes persists, consult a doctor. Dispose of the content/container in compliance with the local legislation.

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finalmente un alternativa naturale ai tanti prodotti chimici che ho dovuto utilizzare fino ad oggi. Profumazione gradevole, ed è anche un dispositivo medico detraibile. Bravi!
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