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Somatoline skin emulsion 0.1% + 0.3% against cellulite 30 sachets

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that what is Somatoline skin emulsion and what is it for

Somatoline is a medicinal specialty that takes care of cellulite. Health exercise and healthy nutrition may not be sufficient against cellulite. To cure cellulite, the lifestyle can be integrated by the application, to regular cycles during the year, of somatoline skin emuses. Somatoline, with its active ingredients, levotiroxine and escin, improves the microcirculation, promotes the elimination of liquids and improve the appearance to â € œ Use the somatolin in pregnancy and breastfeeding?

can be used Somatoline skin emulsion together with the Somatoline Cosmetics treatments? cosmetics that act mainly on localized fat. Interactions between Somatoline skin emulsion and Somatoline Cosmetic products are not known. However, it is advisable to complete a treatment cycle with one, before starting one treatment cycle with the other

there are particular warnings or precautions for the use of Somatoline emulsion Skin?

there are no particular precautions to be taken before using Somatoline skin emulsion. to awareness phenomena and bring some side effects. If they have to arise side effects, we recommend stopping the treatment immediately and consulting a doctor. >

Somatoline in fact contains para-hydroxybenzoates which can cause allergic reactions also delayed. or intolerance to iodine.

Somatoline is sure for the thyroid*? From numerous clinical studies subject to publication.

The absence of systemic absorption of the thyroid hormone after its skin application for 28 days, according to the recommended dosage, in 20, has been verified. Healthy adult women, between 18 and 50 years old, confirming the maintenance of the correct levels of L-ti Roxina Libera (FT4), Libera Triiodotyronine (FT3), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Reverse T3 in time 0, 5 and 24 hours after the first application and subsequently after 2 and 4 weeks from the start of the treatment.

has also been performed a blood sampling after two weeks from the last product application as follow-up.

andâ € ™ It was therefore shown that the self-medical drug in question does not interfere with the plasma levels of thyroid hormones subject to study, nà © in the short term, that is, after the attack dose, nà © at the conclusion of the treatment cycles, nà nà © two weeks after the application of the content of the last sachet. consideration.

* Read L 'Interview by Professor Maurizio Bevilacqua, consultant of Endocrinology and Diabetology at the Igea Nursing Home and former primary of the endocrinology and diabetology department of the Luigi Sa Hospital cco of Milan.

read the; Illustrative fogelletto AIFA ; Somatoline emulsion

< active ingredients

levotiroxine 100 mg; Escin 300 mg.


GLICERILCONTOSATO A.E.; liquid paraffin; decilleate; Sorbitol 7 0% non -crystallicable; Poliacrilamide Isoparaffin Laureth-7; Imidozo Lidinilurea; methyl para-hydroxybenzoate; Propile para-hydroxybenzoate; monohydrate citric acid; Rose perfume; purified water.


localized fatty states accompanied by cellulite; indicated in adults.


hypersensitivity to the active ingredients or to any of the excipients; intolerance to iodine; Generally contraindicated in pregnancy and during breastfeeding.


sachets: apply 20 g of product per day locally (equal to 2 Bus Tine) for the first two consecutive days, then 10 g of product (par I a 1 sachet) per day or on alternate days.

If the product must be used on the thighs, apply for the first Two days 1 sachet (10 g) for each thigh.

the following days half sachet (5 g) per thigh. Locally 20 g of produced eight per day (equal to 8 disbursements) for the first two days, therefore 10 g of product (equal to 4 disbursements) per day or to alternate days.

if the product It should be used on the thighs, apply for the first two days a dose corresponding to 4 disbursements (10 g) for each thigh. >

to obtain 1 supply to press the dispenser all the way.

< p> Each cycle of treatment can go from a minimum of 15-20 days to a maximum of 2-3 months and can be repeated at various time interval.

massage the product in the area to be treated (whose surface must not, as a rule, on pending the 15 cm on the side), until complete absorption. Prime minutes (5'-10 ').

If the skin is fat or thickened, it is recommended to lava the area to be treated, dry well and then practice a simple massage until it produces a slight redness; Proceed quint i for the application of the treatment as illustrated above; The clinical results begin to become evident, in general, towards the end of the seventeenth week of treatment.

pediatric population: safety and effectiveness in children and adolescents have not yet been demonstrated .

There are no available data.


This medicine does not require any particular condition Conservation


use, especially if repeated or protracted products for topical use can give rise to awareness -raising phenomena.

where this occurs in terminate the treatment and evaluate the need to establish a hydonea therapy.

Do not use near the mucous membranes. >

The drug contains para-hydroxybenzoates that can cause allergic reactions (also delayed).


There are no phenomena of intolerance or incompatibility with other drugs.

Effe Undesirable tti:

very rarely cases have been reported with symptoms attributable to altered thyroid function. The authorization of the medicine is important, as it allows a continuous monitoring of the bodice/risk ratio of the medicine. reporting.

pregnancy and breastfeeding:

no experimental or clinical data are known that lay down against the US or product in pregnancy

However, the prudence does not recommend the product of the product during pregnancy or during breastfeeding. >

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Sara F.
Uso ogni anno le bustine di Somatoline e mi sono sempre trova bene, la pelle è visibilmente più liscia già dopo pochi giorni. I farmacisti di Easyfarma mi hanno consigliato si associare un drenante... sto provando il booster puressentiel, ma al momento posso solo dire che ha un sapore gradevole, lo uso da pochi giorni.
Non ci sono secondo me, mi hanno anche spiegato che non è vero che ha effetto sulla tiroide.
consegna dell'ordine nei tempi indicati, molto disponibili sul rispondere alle mie domande.. e grazie per i consigli.
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