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Tachipirina flasht 16 tablets 500mg

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tachipirina flasht 16 tablets 500mg

< Stang> pharmacotherapeutic category:

analgesics and antipyretic, anilids.

active ingredients:

each orodisperedable tablet contains paracetamol 500 mg (like Cris Talli of Paracetamol coated). < /font>


para Cetamolo coated: Copolimero Metacrilato Buttolato B asico; dispersion of polychrified at 30%; silica, colloidal hydrophoba.

tablet: mannitolo (granules, dust), crospovidone, aspartame (e9 51), ribes aroma, magnesium stearate.


symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate pain and/or fever

contraindications/ Eff.secondari:

Hypersensitivity to paracetamol or to any of the excipients and lenthers.

phenylchetonuria (for the presence of aspartame).

severe hepatocellular insufficiency.


this medicine is only for adults.

the recommended dosage is 3000 mg paracetamol per day, corresponding to 6 compress and daily.

the usual dosage is 1 500 mg tablet, from the ether if necessary after no less of four hours.

In the case of Forte do lori or high fever, 2 500 mg tablets to be repeated if necessary I do not less than four hours.

do not exceed 6 500 mg tablets in and 24 hours.

< p> maximum registered mail: the total dose of paracetamus must not exceed the 3 g per day for adults.

administration frequency: in adults The administration must be performed at intervals of at least 4 hours.

renal failure: in case of severe renal failure, the interval between 2 administrations must be at least 8 hours.

way of administration: oral off.

< Font style = "vertical-align: inherit;"> the tablet must be sucked and not chewed.

it can be dispersed in the middle of the pasta of water.


this medicine does not require any particular condition of conservation.

< p> warnings:


do not exceed the recommended dose.


prolonged use of the product, other than medical supervision, can be harmful.

this product must be used only if strictly necessary.

higher doses to the recommended ones involve a risk of damage Very serious liver.

must be A treatment with an antidote was carried out as soon as possible.

To avoid the risk of overdose, notify patients to avoid the contemporary use of other medicines containing paracetamol.

This medicine contains aspartame, a source of phenylalanine, equivalent and 0.2 mg per tablet and, therefore, is contraindicated in the subjects aftere by phenylchetonuria.

the paracetamolo must be used with Cautel a in case of: adults weighing less than 50 kg; llular hepatoce failure from mild to moderate (note: the paracetamol is contraindicated in cases of severe hepiocellular failure); chronic alcoholism; chronic nutrition (low reserves of liver glutathione); dehydration; severe renal failure (creatinine clearance & lt; = 10 ml/min n).

< p> in case of high fever, or of signs of secondary infection, or persistence of symptoms over 3 days , a revaluation of the treatment must be carried out.

During prolonged treatment with Farm Aci analges provided, paid with doses higher than in the illustrative sheet, it can provide headache that must not be treated with higher doses than the medicine.

in general, the usual use of analgesics, especially the combination of several Analgesic drugs, can involve permanent kidney lesions with the risk of renal failure (nephropathy by analgesic).

in this Situation is manifested or if the situation suspects its onset, the doctor must be sought and stopping the treatment.

the diagnosis of" analgesics abuse "headache" must be taken into consideration in those pazie nti suffering from frequent headaches or despite (or for) regular use of headaches for headaches.


Probenecid causes a reduction of at least 2 times of the clearance of the paracetamol through the inhibition of its conjugation with the glucuronic aco ido.

< Font style = "vertical-align: Inherit; "> in case of concomitant treatment with probenecid, a reduction in the dosage of paracetamol must be considered.

< p> the cilamide salts can extend the elimination of the elimination of the paracetamol.

paracetamolo must be used with caution in the event of hiring concomitan tea by inductors enzymatic (such as carbamazepine, phenobarbital, pheito ina, primidone, rifampicin, hyperic or grass of San Giovanni) or of noun anze use hepatotoxic.

metoclopramide and domperidone: accel were the absorption of paracetamol.

< p> cholestiramine: reduces the abs bimento of paracetamol.

la Concomitant use of paracetamol (4 g per day for at least 4 days) with oral anticoagulants can induce light variations in the inr values ​​with the consequent increase in the risk of wing of S.

in these cases it must be conducted in a more frequent monitoring of the inr values ​​during concomitant use And after its interruption.

Interactions with clinical tests: the administration of P Aracetamol can be the dosage of uric acid in the blood, obtained with the phosphotong acid method, and the dosage of the blood sugar obtained with the method of oxidase-peroxidase of the alteration. < /font>

indulgeted effects:

hepatobiliary pathologies.

rare (from & gt; = 1/1,0000 a & lt; 1/1000): increased levels of liver transaminase.

disorders of the immune system.

very rare (& lt; 1/10000), not known: hypersensitivity reaction ' (from the simply of the skin erupting or urticaria, up to the anaphylactic shock requires the interruption of the treatment). ; "> pathology of the emolinfopoietic system. Cal-Align: Inherit; "> very rare, not known: trombocytopenia, leukopenia, neutropenia (sporadic reports).

pregnancy and breastfeeding:

epidemiological data on the use of doses or therapeutic paracetamol or not effects unwanted on the pregnancy or health of the fetus/newborn.

perspective data on pregnancies exposed to overdoseness did not increase an increase in the risk of malformations.

studies on reproduction performed with oral administration have not shown any malformation or fetus-toxic effects.

as a result, in conditions of use Normal, the paracetamol can be used during pregnancy after an evaluation of the effective relationship.

during pregnancy, paracetamol must not be taken for long periods, at high doses or in association with other nali doctors, since the safety of use in these cases It was not s Tabilita.

After oral administration, the paracetamol is excreted in the breast milk in small quantities.

have not been died unwanted on breastfeed children. -Align : inherit; "> therapeutic doses of this medicine can be taken during breastfeeding.

< sting>

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