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Zerinol throat 20 mg 18 lemon taste pads

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Zerinol Throat 20 mg 18 Limone Taste Padows

Zerinol throat 20 mg pads

pharmacotherapeutic category:
prepared for the pharyngeal cable (local anesthetics).

active ingredients:
< Span Style = "Font-Size: 12pt;"> Ambroxolo hydrochloride.

lemon aroma (containing sucrose), fresh aroma, sorbitol (E42 0), Sucralose, Macrogol 6000, talc. Font-Size: 12pt; "> Indications:
symptomatic treatment of acute pain in sore throat. > contraindications/eff.secondar:
hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or any de The excipien listed you.
patients with fructose intolerance should not assum the tablets, since these contain significant quantities of sorbitol.

adults and children above 12 Years: up to 6 tablets a day, as a ski ogliere in the mouth, with a maximum of 1 tablet per dose.
medicinal and can be Used up to 3 days.
in case symptoms or high feb bre, the patient must consult a doctor.
< Span Style = "Font-Size: 12pt;"> Pediatric population in: Pads must not be used in children under 12 years old.
Way of administration: for oral mucosa.

Do not keep in tempera TURA greater than 30 degrees c.

The product can be used up to 3 days.
if the symptoms worsen or persist after 3 days or if the patient has a fever tall, go and consult a doctor.
cases of serious skin reactions have been reported such as erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS)/ Necr toxic epidermal olisi (Ten) and acute exanthematical pustolosis Generali quito (AGEP) associated with the administration of Ambroxolo hydrochloride. Progressive skin rash (sometimes associated with blisters or mucosa injuries), treatment with Ambr Oxolo hydrochloride must be interrupted immediately and a doctor must be onsult. "> Episodes of dyspnea can occur in a co ntes of latent disease such as the swollen throat.
also local allergic ions can be the cause of dyspnea.
< Span Style = "Font-Size: 12PT;"> Guts local anesthetics of Ambroxolo can alter the perception of Ale sensors at the level of the pharyngeal space.
The drug is not suitable for the installment of oral cavity ulcers.
in these cases contact the m econ. < br> in case of compromised renal function or severe hepatopath ia, can be used only after consulting the doctor.
as for every medicine with liver metabolism followed by deletion ren Ale, in case of severe renal failure, the accumulation or metabolites of Ambroxolo can occur in the liver. > this medicine contains 8, 2 g of s Orbitol for maximum recommended daily dose (1.37 g per pad) and 37.8 mg of sucrose for maximum daily dose Racco Mandata (6.3 mg per tablet).
Patients with rare condition inheritance ria of fructose intolerance should not take this medicine. Children of age less than 12 ann i.

no clinically unbelievable interaction was observed RIL EVANTE with other drugs.

unwanted effects:
esteemed frequency on the basis of the available clinical data: very common and (& gt; = 1/10); common (& gt; = 1/100 and & lt; 1/10); uncommon (& gt; = 1/ 1,000 and & lt; 1/100); rare (& gt; = 1/10,000 and & lt; 1/1,000); very rare (& lt; 1/10,000); not not a (cannot be defined on the basis of the available data).
this adverse ruling has been observed in post-marketing experience
with certainty of 95%, the frequency category is not greater than uncommon (3/1226), but it could be lower.
it is not possible to carry out a precise estimate of the frequency, since the reaction against RSA to the drug has not occurred in a database of clinical studies Co mosta from 1226 patients.
disorders of the immune system.
Rare: REAZIS ONS of hypersensitivity; It does not notice: anaphylactic reactions, including anaphylactic, angioedema and itching sho ck.
pathologies of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. br> rare: rash, urticaria; NOT NOTICE: SEMPERY CUS TANNE ADEPTIONS (including Erythema Multiform, Stevens-Johnson/n syndrome/n Ecrolisi Epidermal toxic and acute exantematic pustolosis General TA).
As generally observed for allergies, the gravity of allergic rings can increase if the patient again takes on the same substance.
pathologies of the nervous system.
common: dysgeusia (p.e s.
altered taste).
gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory pathologies ie, chest and mediastinics.
Municipality: Hypoestesia of the oral cavity and the pharynx, nausea; Uncommon: diarrhea, pain of the superior quadrants of the abdomen, dyspepsia, dryness of the mouth; Rare: dry throat; Not known: vomiting.
the reporting of suspected adverse reactions that occur after the authorization of the medicine is important, in how much to allows monitoring Continuo of the benefit/risk relationship of the medicine.

pregnancy and breastfeeding:
Ambroxolo hydrochloride crosses the placental barrier.
preclini studies have not shown any direct or indirect harmful effect on pregnancy, On embryonic/fetal development, on childbirth or on the postnatal Climotale.
a large clinical experience after the 28th week of pregnancy did not highlight the appearance of harmful effects on the fetus.
despite this, normal precautions on the ssunction of medicines in pregnancy must be adopted. > especially during the first t Remove, the use is not recommended.
Ambroxolo hydrochloride is excreted in breast milk.
Even if no side effects are expected on infants, use is not recommended during breastfeeding.
Precl Inic Studies do not indicate direct or indirect harmful effects concerning F Ertilita.


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