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Zymerex Ibs irritable colon 14 sachets

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BrandDifar Distribuzione MarchioZymerex

What is Zymerex irritable colon;

has a high ability to tie the water, like a sponge, helping to reduce the symptoms of the irritable intestine. In case of constipation, the substance gives way to the water, to the stool, increasing its volume and decreasing its hardness. I did. The prebiotic effect of the substance also helps to restore the normal intestinal flora. The addition of Simeticone can help absorb gasintestinal, helping to reduce abdominal pain.

zymerex Ibs irritable colon contains partially hydrolyzed and Simeticone gum that act in synergy in the treatment of associated symptoms To the irritable colon syndrome.

Guar rubber absorbs a large quantity of water in the luminal space, swelling the stools that therefore increase their mass. At the same time, fibers are useful in reducing the severity and frequency of diarrheal discharges, probably thanks to their ability to absorb and neutralize exogenous and endogenous toxins. Guar rubber also regulates the intestinal functions, increases the hydration of the stool, lubricates and promotes the faecal mass. In addition, it binds harmful substances, such as excess bile acids, favoring its elimination. In addition, the Simeticone drains the foam that is typically generated in the dyspeptic stomach. > Partially hydrolyzed and Simeticone Guar rubber; Excipients: vegetable glycerin, polysorbato 80, foreign sucrose, sum of summit, citric acid, potassium

sorbato, sodium benzoate, water, aroma.


how it is used; Zymerex Ibs irritable colon

We recommend taking 1 envelope per day. It is possible to increase the dosage to 2 envelopes per day. The product can be taken directly from the envelope or diluted in water or other drinks (juices, yogurt). Once the envelope is opened, take the product in one administration. The recommended duration of the treatment is four weeks. If after this period a sensitive improvement of symptoms has not been obtained, consult the doctor. >

Do not use the product under the age of 12.

in pregnancy or breastfeeding assume only in case of real necessity and after consulting the doctor.

It is recommended not to take on greater quantities than those indicated, as much higher doses can cause the onset of unexpected adverse effects.

do not use for more than 30 consecutive days; If the symptoms persist consult the doctor.

do not take in case of intolerance to the product. /p>

each envelope is disposable and must be opened only at the time of use.

maintain the product far from the scope of the children. In cases of hiatal hernia, esophageal narrowing or intestinal obstructions. Before planned surgery, it is advisable to stop treatment for at least 2 weeks. The product can hinder the action of some reagents used in diagnostics such as

Guaiaco rubber. Guar.

rarely can occur an increase in the production of gastrointestinal gases due to the partially hydrolyzed Guar rubber; The effect is promptly resolved by the presence in the Simeticone product.

In case of unexpected side effects, suspend the intake of irritable colonx Zymerex IBS. If the symptoms persisted by consulting the doctor.

due to its viscose nature and the presence of an adsorbent substance, the product can delay or reduce the absorption of drugs and/or food supplements taken simultaneously. It is good practice to distance the intake of the product from drugs or food supplements of at least 2 hours. Cephalosporins, penicillins and antidiabetic as the product components have ipocolesterolemizing and hypoglycemic effects. After the expiry date indicated on the package. , dry and far from sources of heat or direct light. Store at a temperature of less than 25â

use the product by the date printed on the package. The deadline refers to the product in intact packaging, correctly preserved. The expired device or in any case to be deleted must be managed as per the waste management regulations of the local manager. >


pack of 14 envelopes of 30 ml each.

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